Workshops & Performances

The Moving InWards band are members of ‘Refuge’ who have extensive experience in ward performances & workshops as well as many other settings. They have supported 90’s chart topping band ‘The Bluetones’ on their ’20th anniversary’ & ‘First Decade’ UK tours. They also write songs & perform for the national creative, wellbeing project: featuring ‘The Yellow Book’.

Pete Hirst the lead singer of ‘refuge’ was instrumental in setting up Moving InWards following his personal experience of being a patient on the Mental Health Hospital Wards in his early 20’s. Now, more than 10 years into his recovery journey, Pete speaks publicly & openly about living with bipolar disorder which has proved to offer hope to others on the wards.  He is keen to reassure people that a mental health diagnosis needn’t be the end, in fact, it could very well be the beginning. Moving InWards provides copies of ‘The Yellow Book’ for patients on the wards: the support resource created from the rethinkyourmind project, mentioned above.


Refuge Live Event performance


Moving InWards Mental Health Ward Performance

  • song sheets and materials
  • 2 x 45 min performances
  • 20 Yellow Books


Moving InWards Mental Health Ukulele Workshop


Staff training –