Moving InWards Create Mindfulness & Music Practices

The brand new album includes a CD of Mindful Meds. Here’s Claire owner of The Centre of Wellbeing to explain more about them:

Mindful Meds combines a series of mindful body scan practices with original music from ‘refuge’. These practices can be used as a daily dose of mindfulness that will nurture a sense of wellbeing within.

This melodic collaboration of mindfulness and music provides the listener with a daily dose of Mindful Meds. Proven to have both mental and physical benefits, mindfulness practices are a wonderfully accessible tool to keep handy.

I am passionate about the power of living a mindful life and what it means to spend, even just a few minutes, to sit and be.

So often, in our culture, we become addicted to our thoughts and the ruminations of the mind but by choosing to take a daily dose of Mindful Meds, we can begin to focus on something more resourceful.
The spotlight of our attention is our most valuable gift and learning to use it, like a proficient light engineer, allows us to better manage our lives.

Thoughts don’t ever stop but by moving the spotlight of our attention to another focus, they fade into the background. Just like being in a theatre, watching someone perform in the spotlight, the audience and the orchestra and the rest of the cast are still there but they fade into the background.
Creating this album has been an absolute pleasure and my thanks to ‘refuge’ for adding harmonious depth to my words.

Enjoy every moment…

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Claire Evans of The Centre of Wellbeing & Director of Develop Insite


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